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Welcome on this page!

And, since you are here I hope you will be curious enough to “browse” a little bit this site.

The reason of being of this page is rather technical. I always wanted to “publish” on the internet a series of articles, information, etc. which I consider interesting for those who share the same hobbies.

But this information belongs to some domains which don’t have almost anything in common, so, the structure needed will be too complicated to present them separately.

The smallest common denominator of these interest areas is…me…

So, the technical solution is to create a personal page which will give the access to the different interest areas.

In the same time, I can count at least one more reason which, I think, belongs to a minimum good sense of each “author” publishing on the internet. I think that a minimum of information regarding the author is strictly necessary. I consider this like a kind of validation of the signature.

So, these are briefly the main reasons of this personal page. I hope you will enjoy the visit.

Thanks for your interest.

Viorel Horoi

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