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Geologist – GIS specialist     Dep. of Earth Sciences and of Atmosphere - UQAM


In the past

Geologist – GIS specialist     MIR Teledetection

Main competences and responsibilities

  • Creating, structuring, analysing and interpreting spatial data bases;
  • Complex treatment (multispectral analysis, classifications, etc.) of satellite data (Landsat, Aster, Ikonos, Quickbird, Spot, etc.);
  • Treatment, complex analysis (shaded relief, surface analysis, drainage, local, regional and global statistics) and interpretation of digital elevation models;
  • Treatment, analysis and interpretation of geophysical data (gravimetric, magnetometric, radiometric) and geochemical data (concentrations of chemical elements);
  • Structural and geological interpretation of different spatial data types;
  • Conception of synthesis and geological compilations (maps, profiles and geological reports).

Scientific researcher    “Emil Racovita” Speleological Institute

Main competences and responsibilities

  • Geologic, geomorphologic, hydrogeologic mapping; caves topography survey; tectonic and hydrogeologic measurements; describing the surface or underground sedimentary deposits; geologic and hydrogeologic sampling;
  • Data-loggers manipulation; treatment of data regarding the underground environment parameters; statistical analysis and interpretation of results;
  • Sedimentary and petrography analysis; sedimentary interpretation;
  • Conception of geomorphological, geological and caves maps; interpreting the geological structure, the geomorphological evolution, the genesis and functioning of karst massifs;
  • Conception and publishing of reports and scientific articles.


Geologist    MoldovaEnterprise of Geological Prospection and Exploration

Main competences and responsibilities

  • Surface and underground geologic mapping
  • Surveying the core-drilling programme; responsible of sampling programme; primary description of samples;
  • Conception of detailed geological maps; surveying the results of drill and mining works; graphical presentation of these results; their interpretation; proposal of new exploring objectives; conception of geological reports.



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